Sarah Kraus is a tv writer. She was a fellow in the Made in NY Writers Room, a showrunner mentorship sponsored by the WGAE and MOME.

Her pilot UnOrthodox was a 2018 NYTVF Official Selection. Set in the secretive world of Brooklyn Hasidim, the family drama explores the social and political forces underlying religious fundamentalism in America. 

Sarah also wrote Reconstruction, one of the Tracking Board's Top 100 Pilots of 2016 and a Cinequest Top 50 selection. In 1865, the first woman president in America leads a coalition of war widows and former slaves who revolutionize Southern society after the Civil War. Rewriting history, Reconstruction places women and black citizens in power, at odds with a traditional patriarchy in the North. 

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Sarah graduated from the University of Virginia and holds a Master of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music. A classically trained mezzo-soprano, she started her career in opera. 


sarah (at) sarahkraus (dot) com